"There is no such thing called
'Wrong Marketing'!

Every effort being put into your business communication is considered as marketing. So, don’t be worried as you’re always on the right track."

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Measuring Brand Success.

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30 Days – Brand Mentoring Program

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Ramadan Bazaar – Battle Of Brands

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5 Practices that makes a Personal Branding of a Business Networker stronger!

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Keeping Taglines Accurate.

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Dealing with your Brand’s Intellectual Property.

Dear Readers, I know it has been quite some time since I even logged into this blog. My apologies, good times been keeping me swamped with works, and only today… Read more »

Brand Digital Marketing 2.017!

Dear Readers, I’ll be presenting a small piece of opinion on what’s the business industry is up to in marketing and what have I gathered to offer to the Brands… Read more »

LinkedIn will be more powerful in 2017.

Dear Readers, My apologies for the long silence, and I am back for good. Speaking about LinkedIn, i think it is time for entrepreneurs and professionals to be more active… Read more »

Marketing Needs More Thinking Process Today!

Dear Readers, Today’s topic gonna be slight different and interesting. It’s time to get more thinking done. This may seem like a tough way to build your business but this… Read more »

Email Marketing Can Be Very Powerful!

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Marketing Mistakes That You Should Know.

Dear Readers, Firstly I apologize for the long silent after my last blog post. Too many things, and too much of work stress kept my brains off the radar to… Read more »

Have you got your Brand Audited?

Dear Marketers, Looking at what is going on the economical world, specially in Malaysia, I would say that it is the best and prime time for Brands to get properly… Read more »

Political Marketing?

Dear All, Becoming a political marketer isn’t simple, but it’s far from impossible. Bridging the gap between marketing and politics requires a deep knowledge of political systems and the marketing… Read more »

Hype Your CSR & Fundraising Event!

Dear Reader, Time is the most important factor in Marketing Executions. I noticed many marketers these days rush their works in terms of deadlines. For the campaigns that is very… Read more »

Executing A Rebranding Process.

I wrote about the ‘symptoms’ that probably you’d need to know if your business is in need of the rebranding process as the marketing strategy to ensure brand success is… Read more »